Chris Niño (GySgt/USMC) 
“Coach Noah Riopelle is a true Professional who's many years of experience in the Fitness Community is demonstrated EVERY TIME he's with a Client. I started working with him under his Coaching/Mentoring strategy where I met with him once a week. ALL sessions were 60 mins in duration. For the first five sessions, Coach Noah had me doing numerous routines, ALL compound movements, using Barbells & Plates, Dumbells, Kettlebells, Bosu Balls, TRX straps, Rings, Boxes, Dynamax Balls, Cables, you name it... Coach Noah somehow fit it in and over the course of the first five sessions, he took notes to see where my fitness level was, and what worked and what didn't work for me. Then the next 10 sessions were set up to where met with Coach Noah twice a week. ALL sessions were 60 mins in duration. The focus was maximum BodyFat burn along with overall Fitness Level improvement. In 15 hour long sessions, along with the positive drive of intensity from Coach Noah, I was able to drop 15 pounds over the course of 10 weeks. Coach Noah Riopelle knows what he's doing and loves helping people reach their Fitness Goals! No matter how outrageous they may be. I enthusiastically recommend Coach Noah Riopelle to anyone who's serious about reaching their Fitness Goals.”
Samantha Nyh
“Noah is a very positive and effective trainer! It starts with the inside out, he always has a positive outlook on how you can help you improve on the outlook of a positive and healthy life style. When times get tough, Noah get's even tougher, by never giving up and putting hope back into you just when you think you gave up on yourself. I have never felt better about myself, especially now that I'm doing the HCG diet and having Noah give me a great physical workout. I don't think I've lost this much weight ever in my life time, and it's thanks to Noah. I was comfortable with myself prior to working out and having the proper diet, but now, where my self- confidence was good, it's now great!”
Thomas J. Raunig
“My comments are to acknowledge that Noah has trained me for the last 2 years, 3 times a week. This is the first time I have been to a gym and used a trainer. It is greatly appreciated on how Noah approaches his profession. I am stronger, feel better and know that I will not be injured during training. Having observed some of his other clients tells me he is there to help improve their well-being.I would highly recommend his services if you are interested in improving your health.”
Rebecca Atkinson
“Noah does a great job making an hour feel like ten minutes. He keeps the class going and happening every second, which I like. He is so knowledgeable and knows so many great bootcamp routines that each time is a new class!”
June Lau
“With such a fast paced and hectic work schedule, I found it very difficult to find time to participate in the numerouswork out classes that were offered on a daily basis. Training one on one with Noah was not only more beneficial to my personal schedule, but he was also able to show to me that my maximum limit was much greater than what I thought it could ever be. As a physically active individual with a prior back injury, Noah was able to help me customize a work out plan that was very specific towards my target goals. I had always thought that a back injury would prevent my ability to do most exercise’s, and thereforewould be impossible to ever tone certain areas of my body. Noah showed me that I was wrong, and that in fact there are more than enough exercises available thatwere notdetrimental to my lower back. His positive attitude and kindness, yet consistent motivation makes him a great personal trainer to work with.In working with Noah, I’ve gained a much better work out plan than my previous old routine plan, acquired many new exercise’s that will ultimately lead to my target goal and I learned that I am very capable of a high intensity workout.”
Pauline Sugino
“Training with Noah for over 2 years now has given me greater strength in all aspects of my life and increased my bone density from negative to positive. Highly recommend group or individual training with Noah!”
Ji Sung Chang
“Working out with Noah has been really good for me physically. But more importantly, it's a great stress reliever!”
Stormy Stadlbauer
“I'm a 62 year old female and I've worked out with Noah for the past three years. My body and bones have gotten progressively stronger, healthier and shapelier! At my physical last month my doctor of 20 years said I was in the best shape he has ever seen me in! Training with Noah has been life changing for me. As a woman I know that many of our choices are based on the needs of others; if you can choose just one thing that is all yours - choose this training.”